Nerd couple exchanging Christmas presents
Nerd couple opening Christmas present
Couple worried about Christmas present preparations
Misunderstanding due to Christmas present size
Nerd man announcing the Christmas time
Studio shot of couple with funny Christmas gadgets
Man carrying a huge bag full of Christmas presents
Bizarre couple screaming through the phone
Couple trapped in the bond of Christmas lights
Crazy woman with big Christmas present
Couple holding a big sign telling Merry Christmas
Nerd woman with thoughtful face expression
Couple holding a green screen arrow
Nerdy woman holding Christmas present
Woman pointing at big Christmas present
Funny couple in Christmas time
Couple announcing the Christmas time
Nerd couple with a lot of Christmas presents
Romantic moment for nerd couple at Christmas
Boyfriend and girlfriend with Christmas masks
Couple in great Christmas mood
Couple with funny Christmas masks
Woman with a megaphone and man with an alarm clock
Frustrated man with stationary phone
Man holding a big sign telling Merry Christmas
Bizarre couple calling by retro telephone
Nerdy man kissing disgusted woman
Bizarre couple with Christmas cookie
Bizarre couple and funny poses
Couple tired of getting boring Christmas present
Nerd couple in Christmas time
Bizarre couple making funny faces
Couple reminding about time that passes at Christmas
Portrait of man in Christmas clothes with palm of hand
Portrait of nerd couple making funny face
Playful couple with big Christmas gift
Couple in snowfall with Christmas present
Funny man giving the Christmas gift
Happy couple opening Christmas gift
Man shocked of being gifted funny Christmas sweater
Crazy couple with Christmas present
High angle view of funny nerd man with glasses
Couple of nerds posing on gray background
Nerd couple announcing the Xmas time
Couple with a stack of amazing Christmas presents
Woman with Christmas gift and funny face
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