Abundance of Christmas presents and golden bell
Abundance of snow at christmas time
Adorable girl kissing her mommy on the cheek
Adult man with senior father prepare for Christmas time
Affectionate child stroking the rabbit
Affectionate couple embracing at Christmas
Affectionate couple exchanging Christmas gifts
Affectionate couple flirting at Christmas
Affectionate couple walking in the street
Affectionate father giving christmas present to his daughter
Affectionate girl playing with rabbit
Affectionate girl stroking her rabbit in bed
Affectionate mom and her daughter embracing at home
Affectionate mom helping her daughter with homework
Affectionate mother embracing her daughter
Affectionate mother embracing her daughter
Affectionate mother embracing her little daughter
Affectionate mum helping her daughter with difficult homework
African couple covering eyes by hearts in studio shot.
African couple holding a speech bubble
African couple with red heart in studio shot.
African man with a hart covering his face.
African man with a hearts covering his eyes.
African woman giving the Christmas gift
Afroamerican couple with speech bubbles
Almost done our moving house
Almost ready to start celebrate the Christmas
Amazing small gift in paper envelope
And finally they are engaged
Another portion of gingerbread cookies
Anxious toddler boy looking at someone
Ashamed girl and her funny boyfriend
Autumn walk in the park
Baby girl opening Christmas gift with parents in Christmas morning
Baby opening Christmas gift with parents in bed
Baby opening Christmas present with parents
Baby with parents in bed
Baby with parents in bed during Christmas time
Back to childhood with tin can phone
Beautiful woman bonding to herself
Beautiful woman full of love
Beautiful woman playing with dog on the bed
Best friends around Christmas table
Best friends decorating gingerbread cookies
Best friends having good Christmas time
Best friends holding hands strong
Best friends smiling while browsing their selfies
Best friends spending Christmas time
Big and special day to both of them
Big Christmas gift for crazy friend
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