A very important operation in the dark surgical room
Assistant helps with the machinery
Assistant of surgeon using medical equipment
Assistant passing surgical scissors to the doctor
Basic equipment of the dentist
Basic equipment of the surgeon
Basic equipment of the surgeon on the table
Blurred view of busy dentists at work
Bright light over the operating table
Busy doctors over the operating table
Busy doctors over the operating table
Busy surgeon doctors and serious operation
Busy surgeons during difficult operation
Busy surgeons over the operating table
Busy surgeons over the operating table
Close up of doctors using work tools
Close up of female anesthesiologist
Close up of female dentist at work
Close up of mature doctor using medical scissors
Close up of operated woman
Close up of patient in dentist's clinic
Close up of surgery team operating
Close up of two surgeons
Close up on the focus surgeons
Conversation between surgeons during an operation
Conversation between two busy surgeons
Conversation between two dentist in dentist's clinic
Dark operating room and hospital staff
Dark operating room and surgeons
Dark surgical room during the operation
Defocused shot while process of surgery
Dentist and her assistant doing their work in dentist's clinic
Dentist and his assistant working with dental microscope
Dentist using dental microscope and examining woman's teeth
Difficult operation of busy surgeons
Discussion of surgeons over an operation
Doctor and his team in the background
Doctor setting the surgical light
Doctor takes control over operated woman
Doctors walking through corridor in hospital
Empty operating room with medical technology
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