A very important operation in the dark surgical room
Assistant passing surgical scissors to the doctor
Basic equipment of the surgeon on the table
Blonde tailor is sewing new dress
Busy surgeons over the operating table
Close up of doctors using work tools
Close up of family wrapping Christmas gifts
Close up of hairdresser holding professional scissors
Close up of long hair cut by hairdresser
Close up of long hair cut by hairstylist
Close up of man has cutting hair at the hairdresser
Close up of man has cutting hair at the hairdresser
Close up of man has cutting hair at the hairstylist
Close up of mature doctor using medical scissors
Close up of professional scissors in hair salon
Close up rear view of sewing Easter decorations
Couple have fun while packing Christmas present
Couple packing Christmas presents together at home
Couple preparing Christmas gift together
Cute girl holding handmade easter decorations
Cute girl preparing decorations for Easter
Dark operating room and hospital staff
Family wrapping and decorating gifts for Christmas
Fashion designer during the work
Female gardener working with hedge clippers
Floor with Christmas decorations for packing presents
Focus doctors passing medical scissors
Friends making a christmas present
Gingerbread cookies on the wooden table
Girls  preparing a present for christmas
Happy couple packing a Christmas present together
Happy couple packing Christmas presents together
Happy couple preparing a wreath together for Christmas
Happy woman cutting out Christmas decorations
Happy women while trimming their hair at home
Human hand cutting christmas paper
Male customer looking on cutting hair
Man during video call making Christmas present
Man has cutting hair at the hairstylist
Medical equipment on the table
Mom with her daughters preparing Easter decorations at home
Part of surgeons passing scissors to each other
Rear view of making Easter decorations
Senior surgeon during serious operation in darkness
She exactly know how to do it
Shot of basic, surgical equipment
Side view of man has cutting hair at the hairstylist
Side view of surgeon using medical scissors during an operation
Smiling gardener holding hedge clippers in the studio shot
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