Affectionate mom helping her daughter with homework
Affectionate mum helping her daughter with difficult homework
African man showing his coworkers new blueprints
African man working on computer in the office
Always very carefully analyze the medical results
Analyzing the medical results in doctor office
Apothecary taking inventory with clipboard
Asian doctor holding a mobile phone
Asian ethnicity girl sitting on the chair
Asian girl creating in her notebook
Asian girl posing in front of the camera
Asian woman feeling to have a temperature
Asian woman typing on computer keyboard
Autumn is the time when caugh is something normal
Back view of business woman walking through corridor
Back view of pharmacists wearing lab coats
Back view of two caucasian engineers discussing on construction site
Back view of two caucasian engineers discussing on construction site
Bad news right for young woman
Beautiful woman has her own hairstylist
Before using medicine read the composition
Best friends from school desk
Best friends from the school
Big problem in our company
Blonde hair boy during the lesson
Blonde woman typing on laptop keyboard
Blurred view of busy dentists at work
Boy and girl in one desk
Boy and girl whispering in classroom
Boy doing some mathematical exercises
Brainstorming of young business colleagues
Brainstorming of young business couple
Brainstorming of young business coworkers
Brainstorming of young business work mates
Brave girl at the doctors office
Brave patient is a good patient
Breath deeply for a while, please
Business couple against television set
Business couple analyzing the charts
Business couple analyzing the documents at work
Business couple contemplating about strategy
Business couple talking in office meeting
Business couple using screen in the meeting
Business couple with work tools
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